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Muc-Off -  Premium Microfibre Detailing Cloth

Muc-Off - Premium Microfibre Detailing Cloth

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Clean your motorcycle helmet  with our premium microfibre cloth. It’s travel sized, so you can take it on a long ride and clean up your visor when you stop. 

Our Premium Microfibre Detailing Cloth is composed of a premium-quality, super-soft microfibre material that has been specifically designed to clean delicate finishes. It’s the ideal size for cleaning on the move, and we’ve even made sure it’s machine washable!

  • Amazing split fibre technology vastly increases surface area absorbency, eliminating smears or blemishes
  • The most advanced glass finishing cloth on the market
  • Use after washing to remove water drops, spots and smears
  • Super soft! Gentle on all plastic and painted surfaces