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BikeTrac - Tracker

BikeTrac - Tracker

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Stealth Installation

All authorised BikeTrac dealers are trained to ensure that your unit is installed in the most covert location possible, giving the best levels of protection and adhering to Thatcham‰۪s high security standards - it's essential.

24-7 Operations Center

Our secure operating centre doesn‰۪t sleep, so you‰۪re protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the unthinkable happens, our team contact you via text, phone and email and then liaise directly with the authorities to pinpoint your machine.

Bike Down Alerts

In case that you have an accident, your BikeTrac unit will detect that your bike is down and automatically notify your contacts.

Self Maintaining

BikeTrac has its own internal battery, so it doesn‰۪t rely solely on the bike‰۪s own battery for power. If it detects a drop in the bike‰۪s voltage, you‰۪ll receive a helpful text to tell you so. The internal battery lasts for up to 30 days.

Real-time Monitoring

Once you‰۪ve registered your BikeTrac unit you have total control, 24/7. Edit your details, add loved-ones for notifications and even select the voltage threshold for receiving low battery notifications. Been on a ride? Look back on the journey and download and share the route.

Records Journeys

Journeys are logged on BikeTrac's interactive map so you can log in, view and share the routes that you have taken and get detailed information such as distance and time.


Requires an additionalåÊsubscription charged monthly or annually depending on your preference.

å£9.99 Monthly

å£99 AnnuallyåÊ*SAVE å£20*